Al Rawda Farms


Al Rawda Farms – part of Al Faisal holding

Al Rawda is a Poultry farm established in 2020, to produce local high-quality eggs. The farm produces premium quality eggs that are pesticide-free, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free.

As part of Curve work on the branding of Al Rawda farms we have developed a website that is attractive and informative for the brand.

Link to the website – Mockup of screen with the website

Project info
Client Name : Al Rawda Farms – part of Al Faisal holding
Date : Posted on
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US Office
221 1st Ave STE 610
Rochester, MN 55902

MENA Office
Palm Tower, Block B, 15th Floor
West Bay, P.O. Box 226600, Doha, Qatar



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